Allahabad, Jan 24, 2013 (P.R.O): The procession of Utsavamurthis of Lord Venkateswara atop the specially designed Kalyana Ratham at the Maha Kumbha Mela this morning attracted huge crowds of devotees and pilgrims who were thrilled at the Darshan of Balaji away from Tirumala.

The eight km long procession held or the first time in the Hindi belt was flagged off  by the District Magistrate Rajasekhar at Central University. Its journey from Central University to Sangam (the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna) via Kutchery road, civil lines, medical Chowraha,Geroge town, MP Marg, Shobatia Bagh, Parade, Kali sadak and Sangam was witnessed by large crowds of devotees. At every junction people  mostly women offered harathis to the deities and sought blessings of the most sacred  deity known to give boons to every one.

The SSP of Allahabad K P Singh who participated in the procession up to the Sangam (confluence of Ganga and Yamuna) offered the most auspicious and prestigious  Ganga Harathi to the deity. Later the procession continued its journey up to the Temple replica installed in the Sector-6 of the Mela grounds for 3 kms.

‘The gaiety and splendor of the specially decked Kalyana ratham of Lord Balaji along with its priests and the caravan of half a dozen vehicles showcased the grandeur of Lord Venkateswara’s glorious following says  the Public Relations Officer, Sri T Ravi.

The TTD Superintendent Engineer Sri Ramachandra Reddy, Sri Sheshadri Swamy, TTD OSD (rituals) and Public Relations Officer, Sri T Ravi led the procession from the front and walked through out the length of the journey.

The complex of replica of the Tirumala temple of Lord Venkateswara at Sangam in Sector 6 will be ordained and cleaned up  on te auspicious muhurtam on January  26 th. But it wll  be opened up for darshan only on January 27 th after the inauguration of the rituals  and  traditions by the TTD chairman  Sri K Bapiraju and  Executive Officer  Sri L V Subramanyam ,said Sri Ravi.

He said the TTD has laid out a program to conduct daily rituals and pujas at the temple on Kumba Mela grounds as it is regularly conducted at Tirumala – Suprabatham (morning rituals) to Ekantha seva (Late night rituals, Cultural activities like Harikathas and Bhajanas will also be conducted by the HIndu Dharma Prachara Praishad dairy in the evening. Arrangements have also been made for distribution of Anna Prasadam (Pulihara) at the temple complex daily. A stall of the Publications division has also been set up for display cum sale of books, calendars, dairies and also Video and Audio CDs produced by the TTD.


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