Sukravara Abhishekamu’ (Friday Abhishekam)

Its my immense divine fortune today to have performed ‘Sukravara Abhishekamu’ (Friday Abhishekam) to the self-manifested Archa murthy of Lord Venkateswara Swami varu, Tirumala Hills. Its a pleasant, divine, once in a life time experience to have given this rare chance. It reminds me one of my way of approach, towards Archakatvam, Everytime an Archaka goes to perform Worship to Sri Mannarayana, He should think that it is his last chance in the world to do so, then He can give his best sraddha and bhakthi towards performing the Kainkaryam to please Lord Vishnu.

(The picture here is NOT THE ORIGINAL PICTURE OF LORD BALAJI’S SELFMANIFESTED ARCHA MURTHY AT TIRUMALA HILLS. Rather this is a replica of original temple set made by the governing body of the temple – TTD, to shoot how different sevas and rituals are conducted regularly to the Mulavirat of Tirumala sanctum as the pilgrim influx increases everyday and it is difficult to provide oppurtunity to all in these sevas. So TTD have picturised the sevas in this set by the same persons who do it originally in Tirumala temple, and is being telecasted by and by, in SVBC channel. Currently Suprabhatham and Thomala Seva are being telecasted everyday early in the morning. (from 6 AM to 7 AM).


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