Thomala Seva

Thomala Seva: This is known as Tiruvaradhana or the worship sequence as mentioned in the Vaikhanasa Bhagavath Shastram Vimanarchana Kalpa of Sage Mareechi.  New set of Garlands are adorned in this tiruvaradhana.  Each time the Thomala seva is performed, new sets of specifically and carefully prepared garlands of Tulsi & aromatic flowers are adorned.

Koluvu and Panchanga Sravanam inside  Bangaru Vakili : This is in general known as Durbar or Royal Proceedings.  Lord Koluvu Srinivasa is seated on a Royal seat known as Shimahasanam.  Here the Panchangam or time division details like, Date, Day, Week name, influencing Star of the Day, number of days which has passed after the New moon or Full moon, Todays programs in the temple, previous days Hundi or offerings details, names of the Archakas who are going to perform Kalyanam & Arjitha sevas are read out by the officiating priest known as Kainkaryarpudu.  Again the next days Panchangam details and next days programs in the temple is also read out.

The picture shows, Koluvu Srinivasa Murthi.  This is a very rare picture.

II Archana [Sahasranamam], I Bell, Bali : This is a part of Tiruvaradhana where holy 108 names of Lord Venkateshwara are readout offering a twig of Tulasi on Lord’s feet for each name.  Immediately cooked food offering for the Lord which is generally known as Annaprasadam.  Bali, a plain steamed rice is offered to Lord and then offered as food for all the Demigods protecting the 8 directions that is, East, South East, South, South west, West, North west, North & North east.

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