Lord Srinivasa ascends Hamsa Vahana in Vidya Lakshmi Alankaram & holds a Veena in both hands on the 2nd day night Utsavams of Brahmotsavams.  There are several meanings to the word Hamsa.  It is Lord Brahma’s Vehicle.  Those who attended Siddhi and had the divine darsan of Lord are called Hamsa, Parama Hamsa.  It is also called as Surya Bhagavan who travel eternally.

“dhEya ssadA savitRumanDala madhyavartI nArAyaNa :

sarasijAsana sannivishTa: ||

signifies that Lord Srimannarayana dwells in Surya Bhagavan who is represented by the word hamsa.  And it is believed that Lord Srinivasa on Hamsa Vahana represents Lord Srimannarayana who dwells in Surya Bhagavan.

Swan has one special Character.  When water and milk is mixed and placed before it, it can separate water and milk.  It takes milk and leaves water.  This signifies the wisdom about AtmaAnatma.  The enlightened one will leave the material bodies which represents Anatma and will reach the Atmatatvam.  Those who have this wisdom will be blessed by Lord.  And finally they can reach the adobe of Lord.  That’s why Upanishads revealed “ Hamsastu ParamEsvara : “

Swans reside at Manasa Sarovara & pramatma resides in the ocean of thoughts of the enlightened one.  Saint poet Annamacharya also praised “kaDu vEDuka vEnkata giri mIdaTa noDalu vemche nidi yoka hamsA” the Hamsa tattva of Lord.

Devotees who worship Lord on Hamsa Vahanawill get rid of Soham thoughts, the Ego (Ahambhava).  Lord on Hamsa Vahana will remove evil mindness and bless them with “dAsOha Bhava.

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