Lord Malayappa Swami alone is taken for a procession around four mada street in 5 headed Chinna Seshavahan on the 2nd day Morning Utsavams.  Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgeetha reveals that “ananta SchAsmi nAgAnAm, sarpANA masmi vAsuki :”.  It means: Among Naga’s I am Anantha & among Sarpas I am Vasuki.

As such it is believed that the 7 headed Pedda Sesha Vahana represents Adisesha and the 5 headed Chinna Sesha Vahana represents Vasuki.

“SEshE Sayana SIlasya SEshAchala nivAsina: |

sadA Sesha priyasyAsya, SrInivAsasya SArangiNa: ||

dvitIya divasE chAdyaM bhUyObhUchhEsha VAhanm ||

Lord Vishnu always recline on his divine Couch Adisesha and ascended Pedda Sesha Vahana on first day.  Again out of Lords Priyatvam or affection on Sesha, on Second day morning he ascends Chinna Sesha.  According to SriVaishnava cult, Lord is SEshi and this material world is SEshabhUtham.  Thus Chinna Sesha Vahana signifies this Sesha-SEshee relation.

The physical structure of every human has 7 chakras according to yoga Sutras from Muladhara to Shasrara Karnika.  They are Muladhara, Svadhishtana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Visuddha, Aagnaa & Sahasrara.  There is one Brahma Dandi from Muladhara to Sahasrara and from the centre of spine the Sushumana nadi will be in the shape of the Serpant which is called Kundalini Shakthi.  For all ordinary Humans who exhibit emotions to the material word, the head of Kundalini will be in Muladhara and tail in Sahasrara which is reverse order.  Devotees who contemplate on Lord Srinivasa on Chinna Sesha Vahana, their emotions merged with Lord Srinivasa & for them the Kundalini head will be in Sahasrara and tail in Muladhara.  And for those who had the divine glimpse of Lord on Chinna Sesha Vahana will get the result of Kundalini Yoga.

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