Tirumala, 06 Oct 2011(P.R.O) Tirumala, 06 Oct 2011: Lord Venkateswara rides his horse chariot in the evening of eighth day of the Srivari Brahmotsavam-2010 and enthralls pilgrims who descend to the hill town as the festival reaches a crescendo and marches towards conclusion.

The Ashwa Vahanam procession denotes one of his most popular and well received avatars Kalki – a Good Samaritan who fights the evil and protects the righteous and good things in the Kaliyuga.

The Kalki avatar of Lord Venkateswara is hailed as the most significant in the celestial lore’s of Malayappa. The Horse (Ashwa) is described as the only living being to get a rare and unique opportunity to witness the first meeting of Lord Venkateswara and his consort Goddess Padmavati, their romance whichfinally culminated in love and wedding.

The Aswa Vahanam of Lord Venkateswara sends message to everyone to keep way from Kali-dosha  and continuously pray and sing the keertans of lord to wardoff the impact of wrong doings.

As a knight riding the horse, Lord Venkateswara displays his inborn Kshyatriya credentials as a fighter and as a brave soldier who always fight the evil and protect the poor, weak and righteous.

HE Governor of AP Sri ESL Narasimhanan,Sri K.Bapi  Raju, Chairman TTDs, Sri J.Sathyanarayanam IAS, Ex chairman, Sri   L.V.Subramanyam, Executive Officer, Joint Executive Officers, Sri K.S.Srinivasa Raju, Sri Venkatarami Reddy,  TTD Board members Sri Muthyam Reddy, Sri R.Suryapraksh Rao, Sri M.K.Singh, CV&SO, , Sri Munirathnam Reddy,  DyE.O(Temple), Sri Sivakumar Reddy, Addl C.V.&S.O, Sri Chandrasekhar Pillai,Temple Peishkars and others were also present.   

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