Tirumala, 07 Oct 2011(P.R.O) The  Srivari  Brahmotsavam came to crescendo and climaxed  on the Ninth day with  the   Chakrasnanam   ritual performed in the presence of thousands of devotees  at the  Swami  Puskarini near the  Tirumala Temple. The chakrasnanm  signaled  the penultimate ritual  of the  nine day  devotional and spiritual bonanza at Srivari Temple ,Tirumala.

As part of the event the utsava idols which were paraded all the nine days are once again taken out of temple in a Pallaki utsavam in the early hours on the four mada streets. They are along with the Sri Chakrathalwar are offered Panchamrutha snapana Thirumanjanam at the Sri Varahaswamy  temple.  

Later the   utsava  idols are given  bath in the  Pushkarini  and the opportunity to bathe with their beloved  deity  is exploited by thousands of devotees to share the sacred waters and be-get his blessings . After the bath the utsava  idols are brought back to the temple.

A special  ritual of  worships and prayers are performed to the Utsava  idols at  Ranganayakula mantapam  in evening before the  preparations for the Dwajavarohanam, heralding the  close of Brahmotsavam.

HE Governor of AP Sri E.S.L.Narasimhan, Hon’ble Minister Sri M.Venkataramana,Sri K.Bapi  Raju, Chairman TTDs, Sri   L.V.Subramanyam, Executive Officer, Joint Executive Officers, Sri K.S.Srinivasa Raju, Sri Venkatarami Reddy,  TTD Board members Sri Muthyam Reddy, Sri R.Suryapraksh Rao,   Ms. Charu Sinha, DIG,  Sri M.K.Singh, CV&SO, , Sri Munirathnam Reddy,  DyE.O(Temple), Sri Sivakumar Reddy, Addl C.V.&S.O, Sri Chandrasekhar Pillai,Temple Peishkars and others were also present.  


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