Tirumala, 04 Oct 2011(P.R.O) The sixth day of Srivari Brahmotsavam at Tirumala heralds distinct and unique celebration popularly known Swarna Rathotsavam (the festival of the Golden chariot.

Legends says being the Lord of Riches Lord Malayappa has taken a pleasure ride on the richly decorated golden chariot along with his two Consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi and his chariot followed Shunya ratham of Brahma and other chariots dragged by Elephant, Ashwa and Vrushaba (bull).

As part of established tradition, the barbers of Kalyana katta-tonsuring centre of Tirumala where thousands offer their hair to the deity to redeem their vows – offered a golden umbrella to Lord Venkateswara on the occasion of Swarna Rathotsavam.

Mythology says that the golden chariot of Lord Venkateswara is driven by four horses namely Sugriva, Shaibya, Meghapuspha and Valahaka with Daraka as his sarathi.

The darshan of Lord Venkateswara on his golden chariot is a memorable experience to all his devout. Many Hindus consider once in a life opportunity to witness the golden chariot festival as part of Brahmotsavam will get them salvation. It is comparable only to the colorful and picturesque Ratha yatra of Lord Krishna in Dwaraka .

Sri K.Bapi  Raju, Chairman TTDs, Sri L.V.Subramanyam, Executive Officer, Joint Executive Officers, Sri K.S.Srinivasa Raju, Sri Venkatarami Reddy,  TTD Board members Sri Muthyam Reddy, Smt. P.Rajyalakshmi, Sri M.K.Singh, CV&SO, , Sri Munirathnam Reddy,  DyE.O(Temple), Sri Sivakumar Reddy, Addl C.V.&S.O, Sri Chandrasekhar Pillai,Temple Peishkars and others were also present.    

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