Tirumala, 03 Oct 2011(P.R.O) The  Garuda Vahanam  on the  fifth day of the  Srivari Navarathri Brahmotsavam  is considered the most  significant of all  events  in the  festival.

Garuda or the Eagle is the main and daily vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Besides being  the  daily transport ,  Garuda also said to  sit atop the Dwajam  on the day of  Dwajarohanam ( inauguration of Brahmotsavam ) and  herald the event  and invit all the Devatas for the  event  on earth . As the Key watcher of  happenings  around  Lord Vishnu ,  Garuda  also supervises  the course of the entire Srivari Brahmotsavam , say the legends.

Garuda functions as a servant, friend, life supporter, insignia, and flag of lord Venkateswara’s vehicle. Garuda is the most respected and most sought after follower of Lord Vishnu  and the only one  described in puranas as one who could flight at the speed of light.

Garuda Seva is prominent in 108 countries around the globe including the Asian and South Asian countries and even widely watched with great reverence even in the countries like Mynamar, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Large crowds from Tirupathi and other districts, towns of neighboring Tamil Nadu and Karnataka land up in Tirumala for the distinct Garudaseva event.

“The darshan of Lord Venkateswara on Garuda vahanam is very auspicious and fulfill all desires of the devotees “

Sri K.Bapi  Raju, Chairman TTDs, Sri L.V.Subramanyam, Executive Officer, Joint Executive Officers, Sri K.S.Srinivasa Raju, Sri Venkatarami Reddy,  Sri Muthyam Reddy, TTD Board Member, Sri M.K.Singh, CV&SO, , Sri Munirathnam Reddy,  DyE.O(Temple), Sri Sivakumar Reddy, Addl C.V.&S.O, Sri Chandrasekhar Pillai,Temple Peishkars and others were also present.  

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