Tirumala, 01 Oct 2011(P.R.O) On the third day of the Srivari Brahmotsavam, Lord Venkateswara will give darshan outside his temple to lakhs devotees who come from all over the world on his vehicle of Simha (Lion).

The  incarnation of Lord  Vishnu as the Mrugendrudu (most  ferocious and strong among the animals-Lion) is an indication of Lord Venkateswara as a powerful entity born to punish the erring anti-social elements on the universe and devoted for protection of the righteous, poor and the weaker sections in the society. Being a Simha, is the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as ‘Narasimha’ whom the puranas and legends speak in
volumes for his drive against ‘Dushta’(wrong  doors) and protection of the weak, poor and the god fearing  persons.

In the Yoga shastra – a Lion was seen as an embodiment of power and speed. The valor of Lord Venkateswara who had made such an animal as his vehicle is thus displayed in abundance. The statues of Lions in the Ananda Nilayam in the Srivari temple complex have displayed the affection of Lord Venkateswara for Lions.

The idols of Narasimha in Yoga mudra in the temple and also the idol of Lakshmi Narasimha on the way to Tirumala exhibit the significance of Lion (Simha) in the celestial entourage of Lord Venkateswara.

Sri K.Bapi Raju, Chairman TTDs, Sri L.V.Subramanyam, Executive Officer, Sri K.S.Srinivasa Raju, Joint Executive Officer,  Sr Muthyam Reddy, TTD Board Member, Sri M.K.Singh, CV&SO,   Sri Munirathnam Reddy,   DyE.O(Temple), Sri Sivakumar Reddy, Addl C.V.&S.O, Sri Chandrasekhar Pialli,Temple Peishkars and others were also present.


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