TTD’s focus on queue line management

TTD’s focus on queue line management
Tirumala , June 29 :

After bringing in sweeping changes in the ‘darshan’ pattern at the Lord Venkateswara temple here, the TTD management, of late, has focused its attention in regulating the queue lines with an intention to provide hassle-free darshan to the maximum number of devotees in the least possible time.

The temple administration during the last couple of months has conducted a series of trials ( in a highly scientific manner ) inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple without any fanfare and in the process has statistically noted down the number of devotees being allowed for the darshan of the presiding deity in both the ‘laghu’ and ‘maha laghu’ darshan patterns.

The TTD administration strongly feels that slapping of the maha laghu darshan system, to which majority of devotees have developed a kind of nausea, on the pretext of clearing more crowd during the days of heavy rush is not fair on its part.

Hence, the management was rather forced to seriously brood over the perennial issue and the latest exercises were part of it.

The exercises included bringing in minor changes in the arrangement of the queue lines during the laghu darshan system, wherein the devotees will be allowed to have darshan from half the way inside the sanctum.

Silver lining

Talking to The Hindu, the Tirumala-based Joint Executive Officer ( JEO ) K.S. Srinivasa Raju said that the management has indeed taken up the trials with an intention to explore the possibilities of enabling at least 75 devotees have the darshan of the deity in one minute in the laghu darshan system, but in spite of its best efforts could not achieve the target.

Once any arrangement which is nearer to the target is achieved, then the management can think of stabilising it in a permanent manner.

However, the silver lining of the trials, he said, is that the ‘need’ to regulate the inward crowd entering the sanctum was nevertheless felt by the management.

The ‘bottleneck’ structure of the main entrance at the ‘Bangaru Vakili’ point inside the hill temple where the statues of ‘Jaya’ and ‘Vijaya’ stand on either side of the golden threshold was also causing a serious impediment to the ‘trials’.


Dwelling further, Mr. Raju said that the management has drastically reduced the number of darshan tickets issued under the discretionary VIP quota besides being successful in bringing in a kind of ‘concurrence’ in the number of devotees allowed for the darshan everyday and the laddus issued relatively.

The initiatives have beyond doubt enabled the temple administration to inculcate a kind of discipline among the staff besides curtailing the sale of the sweet prasadam in the black-market.

Further bringing in more transparency in the sale of laddus, the TTD also has laid down strict guidelines for the bankers to be followed while selling them at their respective counters.

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