Grandeur marks chariot festival

Grandeur marks chariot festival
Tirupati , June 13:
‘Rathotsavam’ (chariot festival), observed on the penultimate day of the nine-day annual Brahmotsavam of Sri Govindarajaswamy temple, was conducted amid fanfare here on Monday.
Govindaraja is revered as the elder brother of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

During the three-hour sojourn, the mammoth wooden chariot carrying the deity of Lord Govindaraja and His two consorts – Sridevi and Bhudevi – was pulled on the four streets encircling the temple and forming the outer precincts.

The deity was carried in a procession from the temple in the early hours and was mounted on the chariot by 3.50 a.m., when the auspicious ‘Mesha Lagnam’ was in vogue.

By 7.10 a.m., the chariot started inching ahead when the hundreds of devotees pulled the huge rope connected to it ‘in one go’.

As is the general belief, devotees hurled pepper and rock salt on the chariot, as it is believed to bring fortune and rid one of all ills.

Joint Executive Officer N. Yuvaraj, Chief Vigilance and Security Officer M.K. Singh, Chief Engineer Chandrasekhara Reddy and Deputy Executive Officer (local temples) Jhansi Rani took part in the procession.

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