Earlier pilgrims were finding it difficult to wait in the long queue lines for hours and and days together along with children and old people. In order to minimize waiting time of the devotees in the queue compartments and reduce their hardship, sudarshan/biometric token was introduced by the TTD. The pilgrims can now enter vaikuntam Queue Complex-1 at the given date and time and complete srivari darsanam within two hours after entering the queue line.
‘sudarsanam’, a bar coded tiket with biometric token is provided, where thumb impression of the pilgrims along with digital photo is taken and a token is given with reporting date and time of sravari darsanam. Pilgrims’s thumb impression will be verified at vaikuntam Queue Complex-1. If it does not tally with the photo or thumb impression given at the couter, the pilgrims will not be allowed for darsanan.
Sudarsanam /biometric tokens are issued at the TTD count only.These tokens are else where in tirupati.
sudarsanam/ bio-metric tokens shall not be exchanged.
tokens are issued for each and every pilgrims and not for groups. Children, who are below 12 years need not takae sudarsanam tokens. They are allowed free for darshan.
Do not trust dalalies or touts. For firther information, please contact your nearest ‘TTD Informaton’ centre’ for help and assistanace


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